Cathay Group consists of 4 companies and 2 participation.
A combination of experience and timeliness

In the first 10 years, supplying the advisory service on the real estate investment, Cathay Invest knows very well the particularities of investment. With the perspective gained in carrying out the purchase and sale and rental businesses for the needs of foreign capital, Cathay Invest follows closely the potential development areas in Istanbul and proves the ability of production with good design economically.

Optimum cost, maximum variety of services

Cathay Construction gives the construction and project management services in the real estate sector, in international standards, with the experience more than 10 years. Implementing many successful projects predominantly residential and shopping center with qualified staff, the company is well known for on time and absolute deliveries.

Cathay Invest International, Globalized projects

CII London, the first leg of Cathay's journey of producing projects in global metropolises, is a strategic initiative for the future. Located in London, one of the most important centers of real estate trends, the company aims to focus on real estate projects, investor relations, human resources and R&D. It follows the current trends on the spot and acts today for the projects of tomorrow.

New standards in tourism

Targeting the international service quality with high standard buildings in central and historical locations, the first project of Cathay Tourism takes place in Taksim Square. Specializing on the new concepts of recent times, the serviced apartments and the extended stays, Cathay Tourism aims to make a difference with a unique concept and the high quality investments for the high-income tourists.

A strong cooperation

Nema International Investment is an international company. Performing the first joint venture with Cathay, Nema has made a good start. Nema has gained a strong foothold in the Turkish real estate market and is increasing its market share. The established partnership, with an investment of 18 millions of dollars for Arterium Villas in 2011, is well known with the most attractive villa project in Başakşehir.

Team work

Cathay Leadership Development is a second cooperation of Cathay Group with another international investment company. Targeting the implementation of developing the high standard real-estate projects, Cathay Leadership Development has a young, dynamic and international team.


Oktaş is a new generation real estate investment company. It is getting into international markets with a team specialized on improving new functions for high income segmented investments.

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